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Dr. Rajpal Malik


Education is a life-long learning process. It is, as Aristotle puts it, the process of training man to fulfil his aim by exercising all the faculties to the fullest extent as a member of society. In simple terms, it is preparing one for life. It is not just drilling facts into young minds. It is about gaining experience, values, capabilities and skills. We, at Govt. College Hathin, cultivate learning, build characters, enrich young impressionist minds with varied experiences and prepare them for life. We strive to create an environment for learning through reason and experiences rather than stuffing young minds with useless facts. Our vision is to guide and nurture next generation to establish skills to achieve health, values, prosperity and fulfilment. We are continuously guided by the worthy Director General Higher Education, Haryana in developing newer scholastic and co-scholastic programmes appropriate to the need of the present generation. We have a truly fantastic college with excellent resources at our disposal and a highly skilled, dedicated and experienced staff that help students to develop critical thinking, learn through enquiry and realise their own true potential.