Besides providing education Apart from giving and aiming at all round development of students, the mission of the institution is facilitated as follows:

• This college promotes habits of excellence in students that will serve the students by providing them easy access to quality higher education and job opportunities.

• The college will strive towards integrated personality growth of students in which special attention is given to their intellectual, moral and cultural development.

• To inculcate discipline, higher levels of social, cultural, ethical and spiritual values of life among students.

• To create awareness among students about their commitments to society.

• To facilitate students in determining their goals in life and acquaint them with various career options and avenues of self employment.

• To enhance sense of equality among weaker sections.

• To help the students to develop a holistic personality development.

• To inspire the students to continue learning throughout life.

• Up gradation of existing physical infrastructure.

It is communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other Stakeholders through news media, staff meetings, college web-site and the address by the principal on various functions.