Discipline Committee

Government College Hathin(Palwal) (2020-21)


Government College Hathin has a functional discipline committee to maintain discipline in the college campus. The committee which comprises senior faculty members facilitates proctorial duties by staff members and creates a congenial atmosphere for study in the college campus. The committee expects students to maintain silence in the corridors, not to litter in the college campus and not to use phones in classrooms. In case of any dispute among students on the campus, the committee attempts to solve the dispute through mutual agreement and discussion. The members of the committee are as follows:

  • Dr Anil Ahuja, Associate Professor,  convener
  • Ms. Sakshi Singh, Assistant Professor, member
  • Ms. Swati, Assistant Professor, member
  • Sh. Devender Singh, Assistant Professor, member
  • Sh. Shailesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, member